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Which Water Heater is Right For You?

First-Hour Rating:

The first hour rating tells you the amount of hot water the heater can deliver in one hour. Follow this procedure to use the first hour rating:

-determine the hour of the day when you use the most hot water.

-use the activity chart table to find the quantity of hot water you use for each activity during that hour

Add all the quantities for that hour. The total is your first hour rating.

Choose a water heater with a first-hour rating close to the total amount of hot water you use during the hour you selected. The first-hour rating also includes recovery rate. This is a combination of how much water is stored in the water heater and how quickly the alter heater can heat cold water to the desired temperature


Hot Water Used
5 to 10.gal. per load
Hand dishwashing
3 to 4 gallons
Tub bath
15 to 25 gallons
3 gal. per minute
Bathing and infant
2 gallons
2 to 3 1/2 gallons
5 gallons
Hand washing
1 to 2 gallons
House cleaning
5 to 12 gallons
Food prepartion
3 to 6 gallons
Clothes washer
25 ( high efficiency) up to 45 (low efficiency) gallons per load
Water Heater
First-Hour Rating
Phoenix LD 50 gal.
133 gallons
Phoenix LD 60 gal.
140 gallons
Phoenix LD 80 gal.
154 gallons
Everlast R 30 gal.
35/41 gallons
Everlast R 40 gal.
42/48 gallons
Everlast R 50 gal.
49/55 gallons
Hybrid Heat Pump 50 gal.
60 gallons



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