Noise coming from tank?

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Noise coming from tank?

Postby cody75 » Wed Feb 29, 2012 3:35 pm

I've got one of these boilers, that's being heated with a perless 110k btu boiler. Residential. Anyway there's a humming or vibration coming from the tank that gets louder as the water heats up and gets more noisy when i turn the speed of the pump up and less noisy when i turn the speed of the pump down. I've tested for a hole in the heat exchanger buy draining the tank and running the boiler on the call the tank put off with no water in it, with the drain on the bottom of the tank open to see if my boiler water would heat up opening the crack in the heat exchanger and shoot water into my tank. but all we did was heat up the remain tank water at the bottom and it spilled out the drain. Any suggestions on what the noise is or how i can find out?

Re: Noise coming from tank?

Postby BrentAldenn » Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:39 pm

In my expereince the noise will come from over pumping, the exchange rate is based on gallon flow with a specific pressure drop through the coil so circulator should be sized accordingly, i have also expeienced this noise from a flow check on another zone, mnually open all check valves and see if noise stops, also verify that all piping to and from coil is supported properly.
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