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Versa Hydro Video Overview Part 1

PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:21 am
by HTP
Versa Hydro Video Overview Part 1

Part 1 of Dave Davis telling us about The cost effective Versa-Hydro™; that combines space heating, domestic hot water, and total system control into one compact, high efficiency mod-con unit. Dave Davis also tells us about Versa-Hydro Solar.

Re: Versa Hydro Video Overview Part 1

PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2013 7:51 pm
by VJB
Dear Dave and HTP
I think the Versa- Hydro Solar is a smart unit. I'm all for solar heating. The thing that gets me is being governed by the domestic set temp. If the panel/panels can't make the set temp or more than that, they are useless. Despite significant effort and interest, I have yet to find a control that allows for full functionality of solar hot water for domestic hot water heating, much less for radiant heating needs. I installed two 4X8 panels with 119 gal. solar tank with two coils on a drain back system. I pre-heat so I make solar all year long. Not much in the dead of winter but I'm still making it - and benefiting from any heating above my cold water supply temp. There is no control I can find that allows you to maximize any solar hot water production, even when not up to the domestic set temp. The reason that i pre-heat is that i didn't want to change out my pre-existing SSU-60 with one coil, so i installed a 119 gal. solar tank with two coils. Cold water goes into the solar tank then into the SuperStor (and is heated the remaining amount to set temp, if necessary). The other reason is that I obviously wanted to benefit from any and all solar heating - even if it had to be heated up additionally to set temp by the boiler. Now I have an extra coil in the 119 gal. solar tank that i would love to someday use with my radiant system. This brings me to my main thought. I'm a Plumbing and radiant heating contractor in AZ at 6,300 ft. with a lot of radiant heating and boilers in the area. I'm from up-state NY and was working on oil burners as a kid and that was 35 years ago. I am constantly asked by people and customers alike " how can i use solar hot water with my existing Munchkin boiler in my radiant system?" and I tell them you can't. There is a huge market out there that you're missing out on!! You need to think about making a control that can plug into the Munchkin/Elite and talk to the solar tank. Better yet, you need to think about making a control that you can sell both to your own boiler customers, but ideally to any and all modulating, condensing boilers out there! It needs to be able to go through the P-1 so everything works like normal, full function, but would allow the use of the solar heat source. You can make 85F water on a 40F day and heat your house with it. Same issue with maximizing solar hot water - if I can preheat the domestic hot water even part way to set temp - from 50 degrees to 80, or to 100, or whatever, I am only paying for fuel for my boiler to heat the water the rest of the way to set temp (such as a typical 120 degree set temp). I have tried to discuss this with so many - including Dave - years ago (doubt he remembers, but I do) - as well as with solar companies, etc., as this is a huge market that is being missed. I could sell this option - and facilitate selling solar generally as a much more useful, attractive option in and of itself - if someone made a smart and fully functional controller! Someone will make this and make it soon it should be you!!! I would very much appreciate hearing from someone at HTP, perhaps someone in design/engineering/development, as to any such controls that may exist, may be in the works, may be something I can convince you needs to be made! Thank you in advance for your time on this. - Vincent Bruno, Prescott In-Floor Heating & Plumbing, LLC.

Re: Versa Hydro Video Overview Part 1

PostPosted: Mon Jul 29, 2013 11:26 am
by HTP
Vince -

Thank you for your detailed message. I have sent it on to some folks in our Engineering team for comment. Specifically I know that we have made some improvements to the Versa Hydro Solar controls earlier this year and I want to have them let me know how they may factor in. They should also be able to tell me if there is anything in the works on the boiler side.

I hope to have some feedback for you soon.

- Jason
Manager of Customer & Technical Services