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EFT Combination Floor

EFT Combi Floor - Condensing Boiler

The remarkable EFT Combi condensing boiler is up to 95.7% efficient and delivers abundant hot water to take care of both domestic hot water and space heating requirements for most home applications. The EFT Combi is manufactured with the highest quality materials to last longer and provide higher efficiency with a low pressure drop. The high quality 316L stainless steel coil indirect fired water heater produces endless hot water and maintains a stable temperature for your complete satisfaction. The EFT Combi is also eco-friendly, with an Energy Star certification and ultra-low NOx emissions.

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A Combination Unit with a High Efficiency

EFT Combi Floor


The EFT Combi Floor is an advanced modulating gas condensing boiler. The Combi's pre-mixed metal fiber combustion system has a 10 to 1 turndown ratio (for the 199K/BTU model) and has an AFUE of up to 95.7%.

The Perfect Fit

The EFT Combi has a versatile range! It is available in 140K and 199K BTUs and in both liquid propane and natural gas.

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Model DHW Input CH Input AFUE Energy Guides
EFTC-140F 28,000-140,000 28,000-140,000 93.2% Energy Guide
EFTC-199F 19,000-199,000 19,000-140,000 95.7% Energy Guide

Added Savings!

The EFT Combination unit provides homeowners with one appliance that saves money on operating expenses, reduces overall installation costs and takes up less space than traditional space heating and water heating appliances. It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by utilizing a mesh burner that reduces nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide production and meets all nationally recognized low NOx emission standards.

Saving Homeowners Money and Space

Turndown Ratio

Modulating technology matches fuel consumption demand to provide high system efficiency during low load conditions. The greater turndown allows the EFT Combi Floor to modulate at lower firing rates which reduces short cycling, conserves energy and improves component reliability.

Quality Construction

The Combi is manufactured to the highest quality standards and uses durable 316L stainless steel for our heat exchangers, burners and domestic hot water tank construction. The EFT uses a combination of sophisticated sensors and safety devices to ensure your appliance is always functioning at peak performance.

The EFT Combi Floor has a stainless steel indirect storage tank which eliminates temperature fluctuation. Advanced controls maintain constant temperature and quickly adjust to user demand. The high quality stainless steel coil indirect fired water heater produces the endless hot water and maintains a stable temperature.

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EFT Combination Control

Advanced Assurance

The EFT Combi Floor is backed by a limited 10 year warranty, right out of the box! No registration is required.

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