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Elite Fire Tube Commercial Boiler - HTP

ultra high efficiency: up to 96.7% thermal efficiency
399,000 Btuh5 to 1 turndown ratio
increased thermal mass provides low pressure drop and eliminates short cycling
The Elite FT 399BTU heating boiler from HTP features an exclusively designed stainless steel heat exchanger with superior heat transfer and less exposure to corrosion and scale buildup. Built with serviceability in mind; the sleek, robust design requires little to no maintenance and is offered as a space saving wall mount unit. Featuring a fully modulating combustion system and thermal efficiency of 96.7%, the HTP Elite FT 399,000 BTU boiler is the best option for small commercial applications in today's green market.
Stainless SteelFire Tube Heat Exchanger self cleaning unit with condensate management system
Commercial  Elite FT Heating Boiler
low pressure drop  extremely durable: excellent heat transfer properties and resists corrosion

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Elite FT Commercial Boiler

High Efficiency

up to
thermal efficiency

lower energy costs:
up to 96.7% of the gas consumed by the Elite FT 399BTU boiler is converted into heat, compared to a mid efficiency system where up to 40% of the heat can be lost through the chimney


5 to 1
Turndown Ratio

modulating technology matches
fuel consumption to demand to
provide high system efficiency even
during low load conditions


Greater Turndown
greater turndown allows the Elite FT
to modulate at lower firing rates which reduces
short cycling, conserves energy
and improves component reliability

Elite FT Turn Down

Elite FT Installation



top and bottom connections
featured on the 399,000 BTU units
allow for greater installation options

Excellent Venting Options

vents in inexpensive,
easy to install PVC pipe,
up to 200 feet of total equivalent length

Venting Options:

concentric • sidewall • vertical • unbalanced

EFT Series Venting

EFT Series Design

Quality Design

an extremely durable stainless steel heat
exchanger boasts excellent heat transfer
properties and resists corrosion

downward fire design,
promotes self cleaning unit
with condensate management system

low pressure drop - compatible
with glycol systems

Control Interface

a two line 40 character
LCD control panel displays
easy to understand English
readouts and service reminders

EFT Controls
The Elite Boiler Control Panel for Field Wiring
allows multiple boilers to be linked and sequenced to function together

Outdoor Reset:

senses outside air temperature and readjusts the heating system water to satisfy the heat loss of the home, saving fuel and creating comfort

Indirect Water Heater Integration:

control water heating through boiler system controls giving domestic hot water priority

Total System Control
incorporates advanced system controls giving homeowners and contractors security of having an advanced system that monitors boiler performance

12 Year
Limited Warranty

backed by the manufacturer

warranty document pdf



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