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EVG Water Heater

The Heat Pump Water Heater

HTP's Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH50H) has an Energy Factor that's more than 2.5 times better than a standard electric water heater. Its Uniform Energy Factor or UEF is 2.80.

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New to the Heat Pump? Here's how it works...


1. A variable speed fan brings in air

2. Heat in the air is absorbed by the refrigerant inside the evaporator coil

3. The warm refrigerant is pumped through a compressor, which raises the temperature even more

4. A condenser coil cradles the tank and transfers heat into the tank

5. Hot water is produced super efficiently

6. Cooler and dehumifided air is a welcome by-product

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Heat Pump Water Heater

Take Charge of Efficiency

Economy Economy Mode

The most efficient energy saving mode. The Unit extracts energy from surrounding air and delivers it to the stored water. This mode provides an industry leading 2.6 energy factor (EF) with a first hour rating that reaches up to 65 gallons

AutoAuto Mode

The unit decides which mode to achieve optimum efficiency and comfort. Auto mode uses the heat pump as the primary heat source while the standard electrical elements provide a backup heat source when extra recovery is needed

VacationVacation Mode

Save energy while away by using vacation mode! While in energy mode the unit will drop the temperature down to 50 degrees farenheit to save energy and prevent water from freezing. Set the unit from anywhere betweet 3 to 99 days away. The unit will automatically turn on one day before you come back, ensuring warm water upon your return.

Standard Standard Electric

This mode is used during high load conditions where the unit may need to expand more energy than usual.

A Closer Look...

Heat Pump Interior

The refrigerant coil is wrapped around the outside of the tank which means there is zero contamination potenial

Heat Pump Coil

How Zoning Can Save You the Most Energy

Rates aren't the same across the board so we've come up with a zoning system for warmer weather locations and the highest efficiency possible

Heat Pump Zoning

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