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Phoenix Light Duty - High Efficiency Gas Water Heater

The Phoenix Light Duty Water Heater is highly efficient with up to a 97% thermal efficiency rating and three to one turndown ratio. This water heater is constructed with durable 316L stainless steel to resist corrosion and last longer. It's light weight and features top port connections to make installations easier. It is Energy Star rated low NOx compliant making it eco-friendly!

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Combination Heating with an Air Handler

Phoenix Light Duty with Air Handler



The Phoenix Light Duty can be paired with an air handler for additional savings. An air handler allows the unit to provide domestic hot water along with space heating. Connecting an air handler to the Phoenix Light Duty allows you to conveniently heat your home using one appliance. Built in auxiliary taps on the Phoenix LD allow for the air handler to be easily connected. Heating your home through this combination appliance provides consistent and even heat for ultimate comfort while maximizing efficiency and lowering energy costs.

Light Duty, Light Costs

Energy Star Certified


The Phoenix Light Duty saves you money by operating at up to a 97% thermal efficiency. The Phoenix LD provides high system efficiency even during low load conditions. It has a three to one turndown ratio, matching fuel consumption to demand.

The Phoenix Light Duty is Energy Star rated for even greater savings. According to Energy Star, heating water accounts for 15% of a home’s energy use. HTP high efficiency water heaters consume anywhere from 10-50% less energy than standard models. The Phoenix Light Duty has a 97% efficiency rating—that means that 97 cents of every dollar is used toward heating compared to a standard efficiency unit with 60% which only provides 60 cents worth of energy toward heating.

An Ideal Solution

The Phoenix Light Duty comes in three gallon capacities - 50, 60, and 80 and ranges from 25,000 to 76,000 BTUs. These units can be used for residential applications or light commercial applications.

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Model Btuh/Input Range Gallon Capacity Thermal Efficiency
PH76-50 25,000-76,000 50 97%
PH76-60 25,000-76,000 60 97%
PH76-80 25,000-76,000 80 95%

Constructed with Quality

The Phoenix LD is manufactured with high grade stainless steel. Stainless steel resists corrosion and provides a longer life expectancy while allowing for a low pressure drop. It eliminates the need for anode rods and allows the unit to be lightweight for easier installation. The tank is made with laser welded precision to eliminate the chance of leaks!

The Phoenix LD vents in 2” PVC, CPVC, or ULC S636 pipe. It has a combined vent length of 150 feet with a two pipe balanced or unbalanced venting system. It also has power vent or direct vent options. The Phoenix LD also has top ports on inlet and outlet and top connection auxiliary port for recirculation line or air handler piping to increase overall efficiency.

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Go Solar

A solar version of our Phoenix Light Duty is also available. Learn more in our OG 300 Solar Supplement.

The HTP Guarantee

The Phoenix Light Duty is backed by a limited 10 year residential warranty (if registered online, 7 years if not registered). In commercial applications, a limited 3 year warranty is standard. An extended warranty is available for purchase for our Phoenix commercial models here.

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