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Phoenix Plus Water Heater

The Phoenix® Plus is HTP's most resilient unit, designed for indoor and outdoor commercial applications. The heavy duty outdoor enclosure protects the internal components. The insulated tanks and dual low NOx combustion systems (199K model has one) work together to have a built-in redundancy and extremely high efficiencies, modulation inputs reach 10% of input capacity and a 95% thermal efficiency. This is non-ASME Certified product.

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It's Super Efficient

Inside the Phoenix Plus



The Phoenix Plus has up to a 95% thermal efficiency. It features a dual combustion system which offers built-in redundancy for higher energy savings. It's a high efficiency system even during low load conditions. The modulating burner operates at a 10 to 1 turndown ratio, matching fuel consumption to demand.

The Phoenix Plus also features a recirculation port on the top section which provides additional efficiency. The controls can be adjusted to increase efficiency by staging each combustion system*. The Phoenix Plus also has options for power venting or direct power venting.

*199K model features one combustion system; cannot be staged and operates at a 5 to 1 turndown.

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It's Versatile


The Phoenix Plus is available in four BTU sizes ranging from 199K to 399K. It's suitable for high demand commercial applications includes apartment buildings, restaurants, hotels, schools and more.

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Model Btuh Input Modulation Thermal Efficiency
PHP199-119* 40,000 – 199,000 95%
PHP260-119 35,000 – 260,000 94%
PHP320-119 40,000 – 320,000 94%
PHP399-119 40,000 – 399,000 95%

Plus, it's Durable!

The Phoenix Plus is constructed with a 316L stainless steel tank to provide a longer service life. It's heavy duty outdoor enclosure protects the internal components including the built-in condensate trap. It's two hybrid cupronickel/stainless steel heat exchangers* are manufactured for ultimate heat transfer capabilities. The Phoenix Plus also eliminates the need of any additional storage tanks.The advanced electronic control features digital displays with system monitoring and temperature adjustment. The display can be mounted inside or outside the cabinet for your convenience.

The HTP Guarantee

The Phoenix Plus is backed by a limited 3 year commercial warranty. A 5 year option is available for purchase.

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