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HTP's Pioneer

The Pioneer

The Pioneer is a trailblazing appliance that installs like a mid-efficiency boiler with the performance of a high efficiency product. Its modulation provides a five to one turndown ratio. With its sleek profile and appliance finish, this modulating condensing heater combines the advantages of thermal mass with the simple installation and maintenance of a cast iron boiler.

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Super-Efficient Heating

The Pioneer is a 55 gallon high mass unit, available in 4 BTU ranges - 100, 130, 160, and 199K. It has up to a 95% thermal efficiency rating and has a five to one turndown ratio.

Heating is the largest energy expense in most homes, accounting for 35-50% of annual energy bills in colder parts of the world. Heater owners with mild to low efficiency heating products such as old gas furnaces, may only be utilizing as little as 50-60% of energy consumed, sending tons of cash straight through the chimney. With a HTP’s Pioneer, 95% of the dollar spent on heating is properly used to heat the home. That is real savings!

The Pioneer also complies with the SCAQMD Rule 1146.2 and has ultra-low NOx emissions.

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How It Works

The Pioneer features a single loop installation – the heat exchanger is immersed in water and protected against flashing due to low flow conditions. The Pioneer is retrofit – a direct replacement for low to mid efficiency cast iron boilers. Unlike other modulating condensing appliances, the Pioneer features a built in buffer tank, eliminating the need for primary/secondary piping design due to thermal mass.




The Pioneer comes in four models ranging from 100,000 to 199,000 BTUs to suit any residential application.

Modulation Range
Thermal Efficiency
Shipping Weight
260 lbs.
260 lbs.
260 lbs.
260 lbs.

A better experience with every installation

The Pioneer uses inexpensive, easy to install PVC pipe and is approved for multiple venting configurations, including the use of room intake air. It vents up to a total of 200 feet. Installation of the Pioneer is simple and saves both time and money. The ample thermal mass eliminates the need for primary/secondary piping that is usually required for high efficiency systems.

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A High Mass Heater with High Quality


The 90/10 cupronickel/stainless steel hybrid heat exchanger provides excellent heat transfer capabilities while the durable stainless steel tank resists corrosion. The dual flow design of the heat exchanger allows this unit to be low maintenance and hassle free. The Pioneer’s heat exchanger takes advantage of gravity to remove condensate while the cupronickel heat exchanger rapidly expands and contracts with changes in temperature, eliminating scale build-up. The Pioneer’s entire combustion and control system can be accessed by removing a light, molded cover.

The state of the art control panel allows multiple units to be linked and sequences to function together for the ultimate cascading experience. An outdoor reset senses outside air temperature and readjusts the heating system water to satisfy the heat loss of the home, saving fuel and creating comfort.

The Pioneer also has indirect water heater integration capabilities, allowing the user to control water heating through the system control, giving domestic hot water priority.

Interior of the Pioneer Gas Fired Heater

Advanced Assurance

The Pioneer is backed by a limited 12 year warranty, right out of the box! No registration is required.

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