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PRODUCT Elite FT Elite Premier Pioneer UFT Boiler
Summary Exclusive design heat exchanger, with ultra high efficiencies   Game Changing High Mass/High Efficiency ModCon Appliance  
Efficiency Up to 97% AFUE   Up to 95% Thermal Efficiency  
Turndown Ratio 5:1   5:1  
Range Seven models from 55,000 to 399,000 BTUs   Four models from 100,000 to199,000 BTUs  
Serviceability Unique vertical construction allows for easy access through the top of the unit   The entire combustion & control system accessed by removing lightweight cover  
Design Attractive and streamlined; offered as a space saving wall hung unit   Modern high efficiency  floor mount appliance with built in buffer tank  
Construction Stainless steel  heat exchanger   Stainless steel tank, 
cupro-nickel heat exchanger
Venting PVC, CPVC or Polypropylene; up to 200 feet total equivalent length   Room air intake, PVC, CPVC Pipe, Direct Vent, Flexible Pipe (HTP approved), Concentric  
Control Features Two-line 40-character LCD control panel; capable of cascading up to 8 boilers; includes outdoor reset capability   3-digit code display; capable of 
cascading up to 8 boilers; includes outdoor reset capability
Tax Credit Eligibility Energy Star rated;  eligible for  federal tax credit   Energy Star rated; eligible for federal tax credit for residential application as circulating water heater  
Warranty 12 year limited warranty   12 year limited warranty  

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