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Solar thermal has never been easier. Complete your residential solar project with HTP's solar thermal kits. These Solar Drainback or Pressurized Water Heating Kits include high performance solar collectors with factory installed unions and sensor wells. The kits also include the solar pump and drainback tank for the Drainback Systems or they include the pump station and expansion tank for the Pressurized Systems. Additionally the kits include a controller, mixing valve and stainless steel insulated linesets. To complement your kit, select one of our lightweight 316L Stainless Steel electric or gas combination solar water heaters with the industry's best warranties, and mounting hardware to accommodate your specific installation.

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How Can Solar Thermal Help?

Solar Thermal



Solar thermal can reduce your water heating bills by 50 to 75%! It diminished harmful CO2 gasses and allows for an unlimited supply of safe, renewable energy. It is affordable, efficient, and reliable!

HTP’s solar collectors can absorb nearly 80% of the sun's energy in comparison to photovoltaic (solar electric) technology that is approaching only 20%. That is why there are so many of them in comparison. Our thermal solar collectors produce approximately 1,000 BTUs per sq. ft. per day. One SS-40-FP-U* serial solar thermal collector can produce 41,000 BTUs daily!

How to Order a Solar Kit

Step 1: Choose your Kit Type
• Drainback Kit
• Pressurized Kit

Step 2: Choose your Solar Tank
• Gas Backup Tank
• Electric Backup Tank

Step 3: Choose your Mounting Hardware
• Pitched-roof
• Flatroof
• Ground
• Balcony
• Façade mounting

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Step 1: Kit Model Numbers
Step 2: Solar Tank Options
Step 3: Mounting Hardware

Additional Savings

Along with the environmental and energy savings that come with purchasing our solar panels, incentives and rebates are also available! The federal government currently offers a 30% tax credit to homes and businesses that install a solar hot water system. Several state and local incentives are also available throughout the U.S.

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