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Solar Drain Back Tank

Solar Drain Back Tank

The SuperStor Solar Drain Back Tank is designed to stabilize and protect solar thermal systems. A drain back tank allows all the water from solar collectors and related piping connections to drain into the tank reservoir, protecting the system from both freezing and overheating. Drain back tanks are ideal when designing solar thermal systems, especially in climates that exhibit very hot or cold temperatures.

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Virtually Maintenance Free Operation

Solar Drain Back Tank



The simple design of the heat exchanger eliminates the need for costly scheduled maintenance services. The highly efficient copper heat exchanger allows for excellent heat transfer throughout the unit. The 316L stainless steel tank resists corrosion and eliminates the need for anode rods! The sight glass in the unit makes it possible to visually monitor the tank’s water level when drained down or pumping. This quality construction allows for a longer life of the unit with little maintenance needed.


Why Choose Solar?

With the Solar Drain Back Tank, and other HTP solar applications, you can obtain freedom from high fuel costs while protecting the environment. Drain Back systems are a smart choice when designing a solar thermal system to supplement central heating and domestic hot water components.

The Solar Drain Back Tank comes in seven models, ranging from ten gallons to 80 gallons. It can also be purchased with or without a heat exchanger.

Model (add X at end for Heat Exchanger) Gallon Capacity Height/Diameter
SSU-10DB 10 20"/19.25"
SSU-15DB 15 22"/19.25"
SSU-20DB 20 27"/19.25"
SSU-30DB 30 33.5"/19.25"
SSU-40DB 40 51.88"/19.25"
SSU-60DB 60 52.13"/23.25"
SSU-80DB 80 71.5"/23.25"

How Does it Work?

The Stainless Steel Drain Back Tank is designed to allow solar collectors to drain all water from the collector and related pipe connections into the drain back tank reservoir. This protects the system from freezing and overheating.

Sensors monitor the temperature differential between the collector and the storage tank. Once the program differential is reached, the pump is activated and starts circulating water from the drain back tank reservoir through the solar collector to start absorbing the sun's energy. The drain back tank with the pump operating now becomes an air isolation vessel once the loop is primed and circulating. The control will deactivate the circulator pump when the temperature difference drops below the programmed set point.

The drain back system is used in a closed loop system where the water is only introduced when commissioning the system. When the circulator shuts down, all the water must drain back into the tank reservoir so any exposed piping or system components will not freeze.

The Drain Back comes with either an internal heat exchanger for use with a storage tank or without a heat exchanger to be connected to a tank with an internal heat exchanger or plate frame heat exchanger.

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A better experience with every installation

The Drain Back Tank is light weight for easy installation. The plastic jacket will not dent during handling and install jobs. It is equipped with and internal dip tube to enhance fluid and air separation after loop priming.

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Advanced Assurance

The Drain Back Tank is backed by a limited 5 year warranty for your satisfaction!

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