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At HTP, we are proud to provide our customers with high quality and efficient heating systems. All of our products are made with the best material to last longer while saving money and energy. We make it our priority to help customers understand our heating systems by providing free consultations before purchasing our products. But, don’t just take it from us! Hear what our customers have to say: Want to share your HTP experience? Share it here!

Mr. Matthew Karshna
Building and Grounds Supervisor of Whitnall School District
Milwaukee, WI

Matt talk about his experience with Phoenix water heaters in Hot Water Products’ booth at the WASBO Conference (Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials) in the Wisconsin Dells.

Mr. Steve Weber
Owner of SJW Heating & Air
Racine, WI

Steve shares details of his latest solar thermal and Versa Hydro Combination system installation as well as his experiences working with Hot Water Products.

Tim Willburn
Vice President of Hi Valley Supply
(Highlighting their HTP preference)

Why does Hi Valley Supply prefer to include HTP in their product catalog?
"We prefer to offer our customers HTP products because we have confidence in their products. HTP offers more energy-efficient options, and stays on top of cutting-edge technology. Hi Valley Supply also has a long-standing relationship with HTP, which we value very much."
What is your favorite feature, and why?
"One of my favorite features is the outdoor reset control on their boilers, and also having a 10:1 modulation rate makes the Infloor radiant heating systems we sell more energy-efficient than others."

Steve L.
(Purchased a 45 Gallon, SuperStor Ultra.)
"After several days of usage, we just love our new HTP indirect hot water heater. Plenty of hot water now for the family and it also looks very sharp next to the new heating system in our finished basement."

Mr. Craig Chafer
Custodial Services Birchwood Schools Birchwood
(Wisconsin Halverson Brothers installed (3) HTP Mod Con 850 Boilers at our school which were supplied and supported by Hot Water Products, Inc.)

"We replaced old, non-condensing boilers and the payback was approximately 1-year or less! The fuel savings from just three months, that’s one heating season, paid for the cost of the Mod Con boilers and installation! Also, HWP technical support person, Scott, is unbelievably knowledgeable and was always available, even after hours."



Anonymous, Washington
(Purchased a 40 Gallon, Everlast Residential Water Heater)

"Very easy to install, I would recommend this as a replacement hot water heater. Also the stainless steel tank should last much longer."



Meena, Maryland
(Purchased a 115 Gallon,Everlast Light Duty Commercial Water Heater)

"The water heater was easy to install. It is very elegant and heats our water to very high temperatures. Amazingly, at 115 gallon with high efficiency ratings, it was lower-prized than most residential 80-gallon water heaters."

Anonymous, California
(Purchased Hydra Smart Tankless Water Heater)

"Bought this one for the efficiency rating, stainless steel internals, and GPM specs. It is comparable in price to similarly rated units and (so far) seems to be a solid, high quality product. I am satisfied with the purchase."



Ron, Connecticut
(Purchased a 80 Gallon, Everlast Light Duty Commercial Water Heater)

"Very well made electric 80 gallon hot water heater. Quality built for sure. Even my plumber who installed it with me remarked on how well it was made. There are no cheap plastic fittings on this hot water heater, all fittings are brass. Plus there is a lifetime, albeit limited, warranty instead of 6, 9 or 12 years as is usual."


Niko, Georgia
(Purchased a 80 Gallon, Everlast Light Duty Commercial Water Heater)

"Very nice visual product & seems to be functioning properly. I have had this unit installed for a few weeks & it seems to be working flawlessly. The installation was a little challenging per the size of the unit but all went well. It's a must buy for someone hunting to replace their conventional 80 gal water heater."

Anonymous, Pennsylvania
(Purchased a 80 Gallon, Everlast Light Duty Commercial Water Heater)

"My water heater is exactly what I expected it to be. Great! I had some bad odor coming from the old hot water heater. This water heater has no anode rod and the water smells are gone."



John, Connecticut
(Purchased an HTP Indirect Water Heater)

"Thank you for a wonderful product! I spoke to our oil company rep last month and mentioned how happy we were with the indirect water heater."


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