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Elite Ultra Highly Efficient Condensing Boiler & Combi

Elite Ultra High Efficiency Condensing Boiler and Combi Units

The Elite Ultra High Efficiency Boiler was co-designed by our Italian engineers with two things in mind: Quality and dependability. This 100% quality and safety tested boiler is packed with ultimate technologies and smart connectivity for thermal home comfort and energy efficiency’s you can depend on. With no crucial detail left unnoticed, the Elite Ultra will perform at its best when you need it most.

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Excellence in Every BTU

Boiler and Combi units ship as natural gas units and come standard with liquid propane conversion kits.

Model Number   Minimum /Maximum Btu/Hour Central Heating (CH) Minimum /Maximum Btu/Hour Domestic Hot Water (DHW)
ELU-85WBN Heating Only 9,400/85,000 N/A
ELU-120WBN Heating Only 13,200/120,000 N/A
ELU-120WCN Combi 11,200/106,000 11,200/114,000
ELU-150WCN Combi 13,200/120,000 13,200/150,000
ELU-150WBN Heating Only 15,000/150,000 N/A
ELU-150WBN-FLKT Heating Only 15,000/150,000 N/A
ELU-199WBN Heating Only NG 19,700/197,000 N/A
ELU-199WBN Heating Only LP 19,200/192,000 N/A
ELU-199WBN-FLKT Heating Only NG 19,700/197,000 N/A
ELU-199WBN-FLKT Heating Only LP 19,200/192,000 N/A
ELU-199WCN Combi NG 19,700/197,000 NG 19,700/197,000
ELU-199WCN Combi LP 19,200/192,000 LP 19,200/192,000
ELU-199WCN-FLKT Combi NG 19,700/197,000 NG 19,700/197,000
ELU-199WCN-FLKT Combi LP 19,200/192,000 LP 19,200/192,000


Durable Heating Technology



The Elite Ultra comes equipped with the patent pending XtraTech Durable Stainless Steel Heating Technology, a proprietary heat exchanger. The high grade stainless steel ensures maximum quality at the heat of the boiler and resists corrosion to guarantee reliability for years to come. The innovative heat exchanger design provides an increase in water flow which creates more internal turbulence. The turbulence acts as a scrub to the internal walls and reduces heat exchanger deposits ensuring a longer lifetime in your boiler.

With a pipe surface that is up to 400% larger than conventional designs, The Elite Ultra ensures extremely low pressure water pressure drop, ensuring high performance. Equipped with an Xtra Tech stainless steel heat exchanger corrosion doesn’t stand a chance ensuring your boiler has a long lifetime and less maintenance.

Efficiency and Transparency



The Elite Ultra has a 11:1 turndown ratio that limits short cycling and provides more efficient energy consumption. This boiler comes with an outdoor sensor that, when used, can provide up to 96% thermal efficiency ensuring savings on your monthly energy bills.

See how your unit is working yourself! The easy to use interface showcases full text and an intuitive menu which you can easily set the temperature you desire, activate functions and even manage different heating zones with. Maintenance alerts appear when maintenance is needed or when something needs to be checked by a professional.

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Get Connected, Stay Connected

HTP Link



The Highly Efficient Elite Ultra comes equipped with HTP Link Technology, a WiFi solution that enables remote monitoring of the appliance and system. Monitor your boiler on the go or allow qualified personnel to be notified when faults or other key activities occur in the boiler, giving you peace of mind wherever you are.

When you are on location, the simple to use, high resolution touchscreen provides a clear visual of system operation, allowing easy monitoring and troubleshooting if necessary.


Advanced Assurance

The Elite Ultra is backed by a 15 year limited warranty when registered online.

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Floor Mount Models Available



For increased installation flexibility, ELU-150WBN, ELU-199WBN, and ELU-199WCN models are available with a factory installed floor mount kit. Just add FLKT to the model number when ordering. The floor mount kit includes a wall hung boiler mounted on a pre-piped and pressure tested floor stand to ensure leak proof operation, and features piping adapters that can be moved from the left to the right side to further meet installation conditions.


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