The Grid-Enabled Stainless Steel Electric Water Heater

The Everlast® Grid-Enabled Water Heater is ideal for use in an electric thermal storage or demand response program. The units feature a disconnect and ship with the lower heating element disabled as required by the Energy Efficiency Improvement Act of 2015. The disconnect is housed in a locked box, utilizing locks commonly used by utilities. The element can only be enabled by a utility company or program operator.

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The Lockout Box is completely covering the bottom element enclosure which ensures there will be no tampering with the lower element, thermostat or wiring. It leaves the factory with the lower element assembly locked, and can be unlocked in less than 30 seconds. The unit installs like a traditional electric water heater and can be configured for different operating voltages/inputs.

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Grid-Enabled Electric Water Heater

Highly Efficient

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The Everlast Grid-Enabled Electric Water Heater combines high quality stainless steel construction and energy efficient operation, providing long draws of hot water without consuming large amounts of energy. Durable components, low standby heat losses, high recovery rates, and the industry’s strongest warranty make the Everlast Grid-Enabled Electric Water Heater an ideal choice for electric water heating needs.


Model Numbers
Nominal Gal. DOE Rated Gal. UEF Wattage Voltage First Hour Rating Shipping Weight Energy Guides
86 Gallons
151 lbs
Energy Guide
86 Gallons
86 Gallons
206 lbs
Energy Guide
86 Gallons
101 Gallons
224 lbs
Energy Guide
101 Gallons

Built to Last


This tank is laser welded through a concentrated heat source producing high quality, long lasting, 316L stainless steel all while being lightweight. The stainless steel screw plugs increase corrosion resistance for an extended, longer element life. The make of this tank gives it superior corrosion resistance, eliminates the need for anode rods, and protects against harsh water conditions for a lifetime of durability against leaks.

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Advanced Assurance

The EVG is backed by a limited lifetime residential warranty when registered online.

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