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Multi-Source Indirect Water Heating - Taken to the Max!



The SuperStor® Ultra Max Multi-Source is the indirect water heater you know and love – taken to the Max! The SSU Max Multi-Source is designed to use diverse indirect heating sources, including solar, geothermal, and heat pump, and has a 4500W Titanium electric element to provide back-up water heating. Built with a laser welded stainless steel tank and corrugated stainless steel heat exchanger, the SSU Max Multi-Source will outlast any coated steel tank on the market!

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Max Performance, Max Efficiency




With help from its Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger, the SuperStor® Ultra Max Multi-Source was built for MAX performance. Some of the benefits of this heat exchanger include higher heat transfer, improved first hour rating and less pressure drop than the competition. The SSU Max Multi-Source can also generate 50% more hot water than many water heaters of similar size. When used in conjunction with green energy sources, operating costs decrease even further. HTP’s SSU Max Multi-Source comes with a surface mounted thermostat for highly accurate temperature control as well. Did we mention it’s also virtually maintenance free?


Versatility to Meet Your Needs

HTP’s SuperStor® Ultra Max Multi-Source is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. It features top connections: T&P Relief Valve and Stainless steel inlet and outlet ports. The SSU Max Multi-Source is available in two (2) gallon capacities for your water heating needs.


Recovery of Back-Up in Minutes*


Recovery of Back-Up in Minutes*


Domestic Inlet / Outlet
Heat Exchanger Connection Size
63 Gal
85 Gal
68 Gal
3/4” NPT Male
1” NPT Female
160 lbs
84 Gal
112 Gal.
102 Gal
235 lbs
*NOTE: Recovery was tested with no input to coil.
**NOTE: First draw was acquired by heating the entire tank until thermostat was satisfied, then drawing until a delta T of 15F was seen at the outlet.

Electric Back-Up


Electric Back-Up



The SuperStor® Ultra Max Multi-Source includes a titanium back-up electric element (4,500 watts / 240 Volts) to provide back-up water heating if the indirect water heating system fails to keep up with domestic hot water demand. A surface mounted thermostat control provides timely activation of the back-up electric element.

The SuperStor® Ultra Max Multi-Source may also qualify for additional state and local incentives - ask your installer for more information!

Max Assurance

The SSU Max is backed by a Lifetime Limited residential warranty and 5 year Commercial Warranty when registered online.

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